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Effective Legal Support After A Natural Disaster

Was It More Than A Natural Disaster?

What if the damage that your property suffered in a disaster was caused by human errors even more so than wind, rain or wildfires?

  • Has a hurricane or wildfire caused catastrophic damage to your property?
  • Did a new development nearby cause flooding on your property?
  • Did a defective or poorly placed retaining wall or a collapsed adjacent structure cause harm to your property?
  • Did faulty drain pipes cause erosion or flooding that should not have happened if the pipes had done their job properly?
  • Was an oil spill or a refinery explosion the ultimate cause of the damage?
  • Was a government body or a business entity grossly negligent in some way, leaving your home or commercial property vulnerable?

If we represent you, we will evaluate all known facts to determine all causes of the damage you experienced. We may be able to bring construction litigation on your behalf or take other legal action for you, at the same time that we pursue your rightful insurance benefits after a natural disaster.

You and your family or business associates have enough to deal with after a hurricane or another disaster. You do not need to put up with insurance companies that refuse to live up to their obligations as you seek your rightful benefits needed for recovery.

You may need a new roof, a rebuilt exterior and other repairs to your property to overcome the effects of wind damage. You have dutifully made insurance premium payments over the years. Now that you are filing a legitimate claim for benefits, you deserve fair, professional treatment from claims adjusters. You need a repair plan and money in the bank.

From our law offices in Galveston County, we have enabled many individuals and businesses in the area to overcome difficulties related to natural disasters. We are here to advocate for you, to help you get results with minimal delays. Whether you need repairs or a complete rebuilding of structures destroyed in a natural disaster or man-made disaster, Beeton Shabot LLC is available to do the heavy lifting to get you the financial justice you seek.

Forget about spending all day long being passed from one phone representative to another without any relief. Let our law firm take over while you use your time and energy to get back to business as usual after a disaster. We are here to take a load off your mind and apply our proven skills in pursuit of the results you need.

Case Results In Disaster Litigation

Bastrop Wildfire

The 2011 wildfire in Bastrop County was the most disastrous wildfire in Texas history. Our lawyers represented over 40 individual plaintiffs whose homes were burned in the 2011 wildfire. We also represented the County of Bastrop, Bastrop ISD and Smithville ISD in their claims against the parties believed to be responsible.

Hurricane Ike

Our team represented more than 300 Galveston County plaintiffs in lawsuits against Texas Windstorm Insurance Association. We helped families and individuals whose homes were damaged or completely destroyed by Hurricane Ike.

The Advantage Of Contingency Representation

Are you worried about paying a lawyer? In most cases, we represent clients after natural disasters on a contingency basis. We will be paid as a percentage of your final payout. This means you will not likely owe us fees until we help you obtain the benefits you seek and any other financial resources that we uncover.

However, if you continue doing battle with insurers on your own, you may miss the benefits you have coming to you that they do not disclose. You may miss the opportunity to bring an appropriate lawsuit. You may experience ongoing frustration and roadblocks along the path to financial recovery.

With our help, you can expect maximum recovery through your insurance policies and any other type of compensation we help you tap into. Thanks to our strong ethical philosophy, we will take your case only if we believe our law firm can bring you a substantial net gain over what you could obtain on your own, even after accounting for legal fees.

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