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Galveston County Construction Litigation Attorneys

Representation For Construction Defects Or Foundation Damage Matters

If you are facing a construction dispute involving structural defects, contract breaches or other related issues, contact Beeton Shabot LLC.

Our lawyers can represent you in disputes over construction defects such as:

  • Structural damage to foundations, walls, roofs, slabs and other supporting structures
  • Design defects, including building code violations, inadequate specifications, faulty engineering
  • Electrical or plumbing defects
  • Water intrusion that causes mold, fungus or cracks
  • Substandard quality materials

We have experience representing homeowners, building owners, contractors, and professionals in the construction industry as plaintiffs and defendants. We can defend your interests on either side of a case. Our team brings characteristic insight and knowledge, drawing from our years of shared experience resolving a wide range of construction disputes.

Confronting Residential Construction Problems

Has your home demonstrated defects due to an incompetent builder? Is your new home marred by shoddy construction work and inferior materials? We can represent homeowners who are dealing with structural problems and defects in their homes due to low-quality workmanship.

Signs of structural problems in a home can include:

  • Cracks in doorways, walls, stucco
  • Doors that do not shut properly
  • Mold
  • Uneven flooring
  • Windows/doors that stick
  • Gaps in windows and doors

We can identify whether your defects are caused by a negligent builder. We can determine if you are covered under warranties or by your homeowners’ policy. Our civil litigation attorneys work with building inspectors and construction experts. In addition to work to recover damages for you, these professionals can advise you on what it will take to fix your home and protect your investment. We can aggressively represent you in binding arbitrations if this method of resolution is required in your home warranty agreement.

Commercial Construction Problems

Unfortunately, not all construction projects will run smoothly. Construction on a new structure is a complex undertaking that involves numerous parties. From the builders and engineers to the designers and suppliers, each party must work seamlessly in order to ensure the quality and safety of the new structure. Business disputes may arise that result in delays and/or construction defects.

If a party has failed to perform his or her duties in regards to a construction contract, our team can help. Our civil litigation attorneys can help you find a cost-effective and expedient solution that is in your financial interests and that does not disrupt the progress of your project.

A Client-Centered Law Firm

At Beeton Shabot LLC, you will work directly with a firm partner from start to finish. We take pride in providing our clients with trustworthy and effective counsel from the most experienced minds on our team. Schedule a consultation by email or by phone at 409-291-4364.