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Concerns about the increase in distracted driving

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2020 | Personal Injury

A study conducted by the artificial intelligence firm Netradyne indicates that more people are concerned about distracted driving increasing. Drivers in Texas are aware of the risk posed by those who use their phones behind the wheel, but distracted driving continues to lead to a large number of injury accidents and fatalities. An executive with Netradyne opined that AI driving technology and proper training for drivers might work together to reduce the number of distracted driving incidents on the road.

An analysis performed by Harris Interactive demonstrated that drinking liquids was the most common form of distracted driving. Engaging in social media activities was the most severely distracting form of distracted driving. Approximately 20% of those who responded to the survey said they had lost points on their license or been fined due to distracted driving. One in seven of those who responded said they had been injured or lost a motor vehicle because of distracted driving.

There were 1,248 participants in the Netradyne study. They were all licensed drivers who drove at least once a week and were at least 18 years old. Half of the respondents said they think driving is becoming less safe, and 82% said they were concerned about an increase in distracted driving. Just over 90% of those surveyed considered themselves safe drivers, but nearly half also admitted they could drive more safely.

When distracted driving leads to a car accident in Texas, the injured parties may be entitled to compensation damages like pain and suffering, medical expenses or lost wages. An attorney who practices personal injury law might help by examining the facts of the case, gathering and organizing evidence, deposing witnesses or otherwise building the case for trial. An attorney may be able to negotiate an out-of-court settlement for money damages.