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Distracted driving still a common cause of personal injury

On Behalf of | Oct 8, 2020 | Personal Injury

Despite entreaties from safety advocates, legislators and law enforcement for Texans to refrain from distracted driving, it still takes place at a worrisome level. Taking the focus off the road can cause accidents with personal injury and death.

The issue is so problematic that October is dedicated to awareness and prevention of distracted driving. When there is an auto accident, it is important to know whether it was caused by a distracted driver as this can be critical when seeking compensation for financial and personal loss.

AAA emphasizes danger of driving while distracted

The Texas Department of Transportation says that in 2019, there were approximately 97,000 accidents because of distracted driving. In those collisions, 378 people lost their lives. A spokesperson for AAA Texas says that texting is one of the most frequent catalysts for these accidents and drivers are encouraged to avoid the practice. In addition to texting, emailing is illegal when driving in the state.

Distractions abound when behind the wheel and it goes beyond phone use. Using navigation apps, eating, drinking beverages, interacting with passengers and changing the radio station are all known to be distracting. Even if drivers are using a hands-free device, that does not change the risk. Removing one’s eyes from the road multiplies the chance of a crash by two.

Some tips to prevent this include being prepared to drive by addressing all distracting issues beforehand. This includes programming GPS and radio choices; putting the device on silent or, better yet, out of arm’s reach so the temptation is not there; and focusing on the road while understanding the jeopardy people can be placed in by failing to do so.

After an accident, legal help may be essential for many reasons

When there is an auto accident, there are myriad issues a person and his or her family may face. A long hospitalization, major medical bills and the inability to contribute to a home as before are all likely to happen. Seeking compensation through a legal filing is often the only way to cover for what was lost and what is needed in the future.

If the accident was because of distracted driving, this can be a vital part of a successful claim. Gathering evidence and assessing the circumstances is imperative from the start and a firm with experience in all types of personal injury accidents may be able to help.