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Three die in accident videotaped by driver’s girlfriend

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2020 | Wrongful Death

Drunk driving is not an act that most people in Harris County brag about. A Texas man showed his disregard for driving while intoxicated by allowing his girlfriend to videotape him as he bragged about being a better driver when he was drunk. Then he collided with a pickup truck and killed all three of his passengers.

The accident

The man who is alleged to have been driving while intoxicated was speeding down a freeway near the suburb of Jersey Village in a Honda Accord when his girlfriend decided to make a video tape. On the tape, the man is heard to brag that he drove better drunk while he takes a swig from a bottle of beer. The girlfriend uploaded the video to Facebook at approximately 7:47 a.m.

Approximately six minutes later, the speeding car hit a pickup truck that was attempting to make a left turn into a commercial parking lot on the north side of the road. The speeding Honda struck the truck on its front right passenger door. Police believe that the sedan was traveling in excess of 80 mph and that the Honda slid underneath the pickup truck.

All three passengers in the Honda, including the woman who made and uploaded the videotape, were killed instantly. The driver survived the collision but was reported to be in critical condition at a nearby hospital. The driver of the Honda was charged with three counts of intoxicated manslaughter.

Legal claims

The early news reports did not mention any familial relationships between the driver and the three dead women, but it seems fairly safe to assume that they were not related. The families of the three female passengers have strong civil claims for wrongful death against the driver. An experienced personal injury attorney can provide critical assistance with such claims by evaluating the evidence, developing legal arguments to support the claims and by assisting in negotiations to obtain payment of the claims without taking the case to trial.