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Do you need windstorm insurance in Galveston?

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2021 | Natural Disasters

Galveston is one of the cities in Texas that is at a higher risk of hurricanes and windstorms. Many homeowners insurance policies in this area don’t cover windstorm damage, so you need a separate policy to protect yourself.

What windstorm insurance covers

Windstorm insurance usually covers damage to personal belongings and property from disasters involving wind, including hail storms. Like most homeowner’s policies, it doesn’t cover flood damage. Galveston and a few other cities in Texas require that you have windstorm insurance to obtain a mortgage, which is another reason for you to make sure you have it.

How much windstorm insurance costs

When an insurer calculates how much your policy will cost, they take the age of your home, its location, its value and your credit score into consideration. The average premium in Texas is $1,600 a year.

What you can do to reduce windstorm damage

Even when you have insurance, you don’t want to ever have to file a claim as it takes time away that you could spend doing something else more exciting. You can reduce the negative impact of natural disasters by properly preparing your home for any type of storm, not just hurricanes. Windstorms, thunderstorms and hail storms aren’t taken as seriously as hurricanes but they should be. You could prevent or reduce the damage to your property by preparing for all types of disasters.

Before a storm hits, secure your outdoor furniture and equipment so that they don’t become projectiles. Install storm shutters, or cover your windows and glass doors with plywood before strong winds are set to roll through. Check that your tree branches aren’t too long when a storm is on its way. You should trim them regularly to limit the damage they cause when winds are high. Another tip for reducing wind damage to your home is to install impact-resistant storm shingles.

Because Galveston has windstorms, it’s necessary to have windstorm insurance. Some homeowner’s insurance policies include this coverage but not all do. In addition to having coverage, you should do what you can to prevent wind damage to your property.