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The dangers of working in the oil and gas industries

On Behalf of | Jul 22, 2021 | Personal Injury

Working in the oil and gas industry to conduct resource extraction can be profitable work but also a dangerous occupation. If you are in this industry in Texas and hoping to understand more about common injuries, below is some helpful information.

Common fatalities and injuries

Common causes of injury or death for oil and gas workers include fires and explosions. These accidents occur because the materials are highly flammable. This, often coupled with the exhaustion of workers, can lead to difficult circumstances.

Another commonplace injury is getting stuck in or between equipment. Many workers must fix machinery that extracts or refines raw oil or natural gas. Too many times, workers or their clothing gets caught in equipment, leading to disastrous results.

How to protect yourself

Preventing a personal injury at work is of paramount importance when you work in such a dangerous field. One of the many ways to protect yourself is to follow the industry’s standard safety rules.

If you find yourself in conflict with management about these issues or you get hurt, contacting a personal injury attorney may provide you with assistance. You may be eligible to claim workers’ compensation or pursue a lawsuit. A legal representative may file a claim on your behalf and help you get a resolution to your issue.

While having a job in an in-demand field such as oil can create financial security for you and your family, it can all too often mean facing serious dangers at work. When you know how to better avoid them and why to call an attorney if you’re hurt, you should be able to go to work with more peace of mind.