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Keep your family safe after a hurricane

On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2021 | Natural Disasters, Personal Injury

Although a hurricane in Texas is a frightening experience, you can overcome the challenges that you face in the days, weeks and months ahead by being prepared. Your primary concern should be the safety of yourself and your family as soon as the storm is over and before you leave your home to investigate any damage.


A hurricane is one of the disasters that can result in alerts being issued as the storm passes. You should try to have a battery-operated radio on hand so that you can listen for any alerts about power outages and flooding as well as details about where to go if you need to evacuate.


Avoid going across standing water as you don’t know how deep it really is, which could lead to you being swept off your feet. If you’re driving and see standing water, you should turn around as it’s easy to get caught in the currents of the water. Avoid walking across tree limbs that are on the ground as there could be power lines or sharp debris underneath them. Pay attention to road signs that could indicate danger ahead to decrease your risk of a personal injury. If there are no signs, then make a report to the local police or fire department.


One way to stay safe while you’re at home is by opening the windows to allow fresh air inside. If you don’t have power, then you don’t want the air to become stagnant and humid as this could lead to the development of mold and mildew.

If there are reports of a hurricane approaching Texas, you should spend the few days before it makes landfall preparing. You can increase safety by prepping your home and gathering the supplies that you’ll need for at least a few days.