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Insurance claim concerns

On Behalf of | Jun 10, 2022 | Personal Injury

Many Texas personal injury lawsuits end in a settlement with an insurance company. For those who suffer injuries or property damage, seeking a settlement from an insurance provider could be faster than becoming involved in a long trial. In some instances, an insurance settlement presents the only viable way to recover losses from a liable party with few assets. Car accident victims may wish to end discussions with an insurance provider quickly and receive their settlement, but rushing could prove self-defeating.

Insurance claims and settlements

When an insurance company sells a policy that covers a party’s liability, it assumes responsibility for the associated risk. That means the insurance company should cover losses for covered incidents on a valid policy. So, if a speeding driver crashes into an SUV and injures the occupants, an insurance company might breach its agreement if it refuses to pay.

That said, accident victims must realize the insurance company will perform an investigation. The insurance company does not have to pay if a client is not liable for the accident. Valid evidence that supports the claim could work in the injured party’s favor. Video footage of a driver committing a moving violation, such as not stopping at a stop sign, could establish negligence.

Negotiating with an insurance provider

Even when an insurance company receives a valid personal injury claim, the provider might attempt to negotiate a low settlement figure. Unfortunately for claimants, insurance providers try to save money by making lowball offers. However, the claimant could reject a low settlement and seek a more reasonable one.

Establishing clear-cut evidence of losses could support a claim. Providing medical bills and proof of lost income, present and future may help the cause.