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Checking a doctor’s history of malpractice claims

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2022 | Personal Injury

Whenever you’re not feeling well, it’s understandable to schedule an appointment with a doctor. With that in mind, Texas patients needing a new doctor place a lot of trust in their new care provider. Considering that, it’s smart to ensure your new doctor hasn’t been sued for medical malpractice. Here’s how to find out more about any potential doctor’s past.

Look for a history of complaints

One way to see if a doctor has a medical malpractice history is to conduct an online search. By searching for your new potential doctor or the name of their practice, you can uncover if anyone wrote negative reviews about their experiences.

Check local court records

If a doctor is responsible for malpractice that resulted in harm to a patient, there could be a history of lawsuits in this practice’s past. Before choosing your next doctor, search Texas court records to see if any former patients or their family members filed lawsuits against this doctor.

Perform a background search

You can also contact the Texas Medical Board to conduct a background search for a doctor you’re thinking about visiting. Before this happens, you might need to speak with a representative from this company. Upon accessing this medical professional’s information, you want to see that their medical license is still active. If this isn’t the case, this person might have had their license suspended due to a violation or series of violations.

Choosing a new doctor is a decision that requires putting a lot of trust in somebody. After finding a health care professional who has no evidence of past malpractice claims against them, you can enjoy peace of mind during your doctor’s visit.