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Who pays compensation for dog bite injuries in Texas?

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2023 | Personal Injury

Nerve damage, infections, and mental trauma commonly occur as a result of a dog bite. These types of injuries may result in the need for medical care. If you live in Texas, you may wonder who pays for the bill after you’ve been bitten by a dog. A number of factors about the dog and dog owner go into determining the answer to that question.

Owner liability

In order to hold the dog owner responsible, you must first prove they hold liability for the dog’s actions.

To prove liability, you must demonstrate the following about the dog bite:

  • The dog owner knew about their dog’s capability for aggression.
  • The owner failed to restrain the dog.
  • The dog bit you and caused an injury.

Homeowner’s insurance

In instances in which the dog owner faces liability for a bite, homeowner’s insurance may pay for the personal injury.

Insurance companies place the following restrictions on dog bite claims:

  • The company may refuse to cover certain “aggressive” breeds, such as Pit Bulls.
  • Any incident involving a person in a motor vehicle may not qualify.
  • The coverage may only apply to the first reported dog bite injury; further injuries by the same dog may not qualify for coverage.

Other types of insurance

Some automobile insurance policies may cover animal bites near or in a vehicle, such as in a pickup truck. Dog owners may also have specific animal insurance, especially if they own a breed commonly exempt from homeowner’s insurance policies.

No insurance

In some instances, the dog owner may not carry any type of insurance that will cover a dog bite. In these instances, you can still hold them legally and financially responsible through a legal claim.

Your first step after receiving a dog bite should involve seeking medical care. While dogs make wonderful pets, the possibility of disease and long-term injury exists after any dog bite.