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What if a blind spot caused my traffic accident?

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2023 | Personal Injury

Blind spot collisions in Texas are more common than many people realize. Nationwide, about 800,000 such incidents occur annually, and they can result in extensive injuries with consequences that can last long after the collision.

How blind spot collisions occur

Motor vehicle accidents resulting from driver blind spots commonly involve trucks. Large trucks have large blind spots, also known as a “No Zone,” where the driver cannot safely see what is happening around their vehicle either with their eyes or the vehicle’s mirror. Blind spots commonly occur when another vehicle is directly or nearly alongside, as review mirrors are designed to monitor vehicles behind while the driver focuses on the road ahead. Additionally, large trucks frequently have blind spots immediately behind the trailer as their mirrors don’t reach that area. Blind spots vary among drivers because of their height or the type of vehicle they are in. Side mirrors, chassis columns and some doors and windows can also cause blind spots.

Accidents involving blind spots frequently occur when one vehicle changes lanes or merges into traffic when traveling on high-speed highways, at intersections or in roundabouts. These mishaps generally lead to rear-end collisions or broadsides.

Improper mirror usage often the cause

Drivers who improperly use their mirrors by not having them set at the proper angle to provide the greatest visibility can cause catastrophic injuries. Not remaining aware of the position of other vehicles on the road can also lead to blind spot accidents. Although safety aids can warn drivers that another vehicle is in one of their blind spots, not all vehicles have them. Furthermore, failing to check a bind spot while is a form of negligence.

Victims of blind spot accidents will often file a lawsuit if another driver’s negligence caused their injuries. A successful action can result in compensation that victims can use to pay for medical bills, living expenses, lost wages, and property damage.