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Why femur fractures are among the most severe accident injuries

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2023 | Personal Injury

A broken femur is one of the most common and sometimes most devastating injuries that Texas residents can sustain in motor vehicle accidents. This large, weight-bearing bone in the thigh can develop many complications when fractured, necessitating extensive medical treatment and many months of therapy.

Pedestrians and motorcyclists have the most significant risk

Vehicles like cars and trucks give their occupants some level of protection during motor vehicle accidents, but not so for pedestrians and motorcyclists. In addition to not having a vehicle exterior protect them, cars, vans and trucks often hit them at an angle and height that endanger the upper thigh. These factors combine to make femur fractures more common and often more severe among these groups.

Types of femur fractures

Femur fractures usually occur in three different places: at the femoral neck, commonly called hip fractures; anywhere along the length of the femoral shaft; or at the distal end, referred to as a knee fracture. Because the femur is such a substantial bone, it usually requires a high-impact crash for the bone to break. However, at the same time, such collisions typically result in other complications. Multiple problems with blood vessels, tendons and ligaments usually accompany femur fractures. Additionally, if the injury involves a compound fracture where the bone protrudes through the skin, the victim will have a higher risk of infection.

Immediate medical attention is paramount

Catastrophic injuries sustained in accidents can cause myriad problems, so obtaining immediate medical attention is essential. When larger vehicles have caused an accident, injuries are usually more severe and may involve several areas of the body. Some victims may not be able to work for months or even permanently.

Complicated femur injuries and other health issues resulting from accidents caused by the negligence of another party may involve hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical costs. Victims are often unable to return to work for sustained periods of time, adding to their financial woes.