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2 surprising driving hazards 

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2024 | Personal Injury

While driving offers an efficient way to get around, it is also potentially dangerous. Every year, millions of people in the U.S. are injured in road traffic collisions. 

Many of these crashes occur due to well-known driving hazards, such as cell phone use, speeding, drunk driving and other reckless behaviors. Nonetheless, these don’t account for all crashes. The following 2 hazards may come as more of a surprise:

1. Impractical footwear 

During the summer months, people may change to more comfortable footwear. A pair of sandals or flip-flops can help alleviate the summer heat. Nonetheless, these types of footwear are not suited to driving. Sandals and flip-flops can easily slide off the pedals of a car. They can also come off a person’s feet altogether. A dislodged sandal can get stuck behind the brake pedal, rendering it useless. While comfort is important, safety should always come first in terms of footwear worn while driving. 

2. Loose items 

The summer months usually inspire families to get out and about for road trips. The kids may want to bring their friends along. If it’s not too hot, the family pets may also want to join in. All of this means a full car, which means more chances of mess and clutter. A water bottle used to stay hydrated can become a projectile should the car have to stop suddenly. The same can be said for the kids’ toys. 

A decluttered car is a safer car. Thus, it’s important to try and keep clutter to a minimum, even when you’re taking journeys with multiple passengers. 

You can only control your own actions. If someone else has injured you on the road, be sure to look into your legal options in terms of personal injury compensation.