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Industrial Accident Lawyers In Galveston

Personal Injury Law Firm For Workplace Accidents In Texas

Industrial accidents can often lead to devastating injuries that can prevent you or your loved one from being able to work or enjoy their previous quality of life. You may face increased medical costs and prolonged loss of income. If their injury is the result of negligence in the workplace, you could be eligible to seek compensation from the employer. Our legal team at Beeton Shabot LLC has helped many clients obtain fair financial compensation.

For more information on how our Galveston industrial accident attorneys can help you during this time, contact our firm at 409-291-4364.

Complexities Of Industrial Accident Cases

In many industrial workplaces, there is a variety of people who can be working at any given time. When you experience an industrial accident it can be difficult to determine whose negligence is responsible for causing the accident. There can be the employer, manufacturer, employees, subcontractors, and others who have differing perspectives of what happened. Further, the causes of these accidents can vary greatly.

For example, common causes of industrial accident injuries include:

  • Equipment not being properly maintained
  • Staff not being properly trained
  • Defective equipment or machinery
  • Not properly warning employees of dangers

Insurance companies can use the complex nature of the accident to help their case and not provide the compensation that is deserved. It is important to have a detailed personal injury lawyer to meticulously review the case, evidence, and witnesses.

Determined & Tenacious Injury Attorneys Standing By

Our Galveston personal injury attorneys work closely with our clients over the course of their cases. Each client will have their case reviewed exclusively by one of our industrial accident lawyers. The work for the case won’t be passed off to a paralegal or a non-lawyer member of our staff. This level of focus and hard work has helped many of our clients recover just and fair compensation after they have been involved in an accident.