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Texas teen’s family sues after violent assault

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2022 | Personal Injury

Although teenagers are not typically treated as adults in the justice system, they can still face consequences for their harmful actions. A December 2021 personal injury case from Texas reveals that several teens allegedly planned an assault on a high school athlete. The assault led to criminal charges along with a civil lawsuit. The accused teens are not the only ones facing legal troubles as negligence claims extend to parents and adults.

An allegedly premeditated assault

According to reports, a high school football player attended a seemingly normal pool party where he became the victim of assault from his peers, an incident that left him with “multiple skull fractures.” Three teenagers face assault charges for the incident, which only reflects the criminal prosecution element to the case. The victim and his family are seeking compensation for his severe injuries in civil court as well.

The medical costs associated with such extensive injuries are likely enormous. Those expenses may reflect only a fraction of the victim’s overall costs. He may need significant rehabilitation to overcome the injuries, and the teenager may suffer permanent disabilities from the attack.

Seeking a civil remedy for assault

Several parties found themselves named in the personal injury lawsuit. Since the alleged perpetrators are accused of planning the attack, several people who knew about such plans are being sued. Failing to alert authorities about a potential aggravated assault could make them liable for the incident.

The lawsuit seeks $50 million in compensation, which seeks to punish all involved. The parents of the alleged ringleaders are also named in the suit. It is not uncommon to hold adults responsible for the actions or nonactions of their minor children.

Insurance policies typically don’t cover deliberate, criminal actions. If the court determines any negligence, the defendants may be responsible for paying all the damages themselves.