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Why is packing your car well crucial to driving safety?

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2024 | Personal Injury

Every day, thousands of people across the country set out in vehicles packed unsafely. Truck drivers generally take great care to ensure their loads are balanced and secure, but the general public does not always take the same steps in their cars. They carry things on roof racks that are poorly secured and loose items within their vehicle that could kill them in a crash.

Here are some tips:

You should pack your vehicle to cope with sudden braking

Sometimes, you need to slam on the brakes hard. You cannot afford to have anything loose that could launch into the air when you do so and hit someone inside the vehicle or fall into the way of the pedals.

A loose water bottle could do a lot of damage if it hit you in the head. It could leave you with a brain injury or cause you to lose control of the vehicle. An unsecured pet could do the same.

You should secure roof rack items against wind and braking

Let’s say you are transporting a plywood sheet to fit out your shed. It will probably remain stable and secure while you crawl along in the traffic as you leave the DIY store. But what about as you increase speed along the highway or pass across the bridge over the river? It only takes one gust of wind to catch the sheet and affect your steering or see the sheet fall into the path of other drivers.

If you brake suddenly, the sheet might slide forward and fall over your windshield, obscuring your view – and it won’t always be possible to pull up safely straight away.

If someone crashes into you for no apparent reason, a quick look around their vehicle may give some tell-tale signs of what caused the crash. Drivers have a responsibility to drive safely and that includes ensuring their vehicle is safely packed.