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Clients may worry about construction defects

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2022 | Construction Defects

Clients expect contractors to perform their duties with expert care. However, some construction projects in Texas suffer from subpar work. Defects could do more than present a less-than-desirable appearance. The defects may create hazards that might result in serious harm. Clients who discover defects could seek legal remedies to recover the costs of fixing the defects.

Dangers and defects with construction jobs

Defects and deficiencies” rank as umbrella categories that may refer to a great variety of construction problems. The problems could occur at the very beginning of the job, in the end, or anywhere in between. For example, improper design and planning might lead undermine the ability to complete a proper job. Similarly, the project’s conclusion might suffer from a lack of inspection, meaning safety defects are uncorrected.

Deficiencies and poor workmanship might yield dangerous problems, such as poor electrical wiring. Bad wiring may present a fire hazard that could put people’s lives at risk. Contractors might attempt to cut corners by using shoddy, cheap materials, or they may hire underqualified workers who don’t do their jobs right.

Exploring legal remedies for construction defects

A contractor’s missteps could leave the client-facing a failed safety inspection from the local municipality. The client might have to pay significant sums to correct the flaws. Expect such clients to take legal action against the contractor responsible for the construction defects.

If the contractor did not deliver work as promised, the contractor might face a civil judgment to repay the client. The client might seek additional damages, such as lost revenue, when a commercial enterprise delays its opening due to the time required to fix defects.