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The prevalence of distracted driving

On Behalf of | May 2, 2022 | Uncategorized

Distracted driving has become the most significant danger on Texas highways over the past decade. The popularity and absolute necessity for some of having smartphone technology has found its way behind the steering wheel of automobiles with nearly 90% of drivers admitting in surveys that they have used their cell phone while driving, including sending and reading text messages. Even with the Texas legislature taking action to upgrade this violation to a criminal charge, drivers still continue to practice cell phone use behind the wheel.

No longer acceptable by the numbers

The number of motor vehicle accidents that involve material evidence of cell phone use at the time is alarming according to all major studies that have been conducted over the past few years. And even with continuing legal enhancement, it does appear to be changing in any significant way regarding technological advances with newer automobile models including standard hands-free communication capability.

Other types of distractions are problematic also

Technology usage is not the only form of distracted driving, and it never has been. Many commuters eat breakfast on the way to work, including in congested traffic. And though drinking a beverage can seem harmless while driving, there can still be issues such as spilled hot coffee. There are also distractions along the highway that get motorists’ attention, which can still be a problem even if they are attentive to close traffic.

All drivers should remember the old adage that defensive driving is the best personal policy, and then implement that personal driving policy for themselves. Not only is it safer for themselves, but it is also important for everyone using the highways.