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Rebuilding after a disaster with your insurance company

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2022 | Natural Disasters

Being in a natural disaster of any kind in Texas can be a frightening experience, especially if there is damage to your home that results from the disaster. Your insurance policy could help you get back on your feet with the rebuilding process by following a few simple steps.

Make contact

As soon as it’s safe to do so after natural disasters, try to contact your insurance company to let them know what happened and if there are any damages that you can clearly see. If the disaster occurred over a large area, then there could be numerous people who will try to file a claim in order to have their homes repaired or rebuilt. If you can make contact right away, then it could get the process started a little faster.


Submit as many pictures of your home before and after the disaster as you can so that the insurance company can see what has been damaged. Videos of your home can be beneficial as well and can sometimes provide more details as you can verbally describe what the viewer is seeing compared to simply uploading an image.


When you talk to the insurance company, you’ll usually be provided with information regarding the coverage that you have in the event of a disaster and how much the company will pay out for repairs or for the rebuilding of your property. Keep in mind that there could be a deductible that you have to pay before your insurance pays out depending on the exact details of your policy.

After a disaster, providing as much information as possible and reviewing your policy details can aid in getting you back in your home.