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Common issues found in new Texas homes

On Behalf of | Feb 24, 2023 | Construction Defects

You might think your newly built home in Texas is perfect and that you won’t have issues like you could with an older home. It might surprise you to learn that any home can have construction defects – even one that’s brand new. An inspection of your new home could reveal several surprising problems.

Issues with electricity

Electrical problems are a common construction defect. These issues are among the most dangerous, as electrical problems can lead to fire hazards. Bad wiring, missing switch plates and open grounds can all affect a new home.

Issues with plumbing

Plumbing issues can cause all kinds of problems in new homes. You might have pipes that leak or are badly installed. And if the faucets are reversed, you’ll get hot water when you expect cold and vice versa. Even worse, a leak within a wall can cause flooding or water stains on your new walls.

Issues with workmanship

Poorly placed windows and doors can affect your heating and cooling costs. Heat can escape during the winter via door and window cracks. And in the summer, cool air from your AC can drift straight out of badly installed windows or doors.

Other construction problems can include uneven floors and cracks in the walls. You might even discover the home lacks insulation or essential fixtures, such as handrails.

New homes have problems too

Even if your home is newly built, it can have several construction defects. Spotting defects early allows you to speak with the builder so they can make repairs right away. You might even decide to use the services of a home inspector to double-check everything before moving in.