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Types of construction defects

On Behalf of | Mar 9, 2023 | Construction Defects

Construction defects in Texas fall into four main categories. Depending on the category, various individuals may be responsible for the shor

Design defects

Architects and engineers are usually responsible for design defects. These defects can become evident as workers construct the project, in which case, there may be costly delays. Alternatively, they can become apparent long after the project’s completion when structural elements cannot support the building. Sometimes, the professional fails to consider zoning laws or flood management.

Material defects

Generally, manufacturers are responsible for material defects because they have failed to provide building products that live up to expectations. Often, codes where workers are constructing the project state minimum expectations. This type of deficit occurs when manufacturers certify that their products meet those expectations when they do not. It can also happen when someone fails to follow specifications when purchasing building supplies.

Construction deficits

Construction contractors who perform shoddy work are responsible for construction deficits. These problems can occur when workers are constructing the outside of the building, but they can also happen when they install plumbing, electrical and other systems. Sometimes, subcontractors, like plumbers and electricians, are to blame.

Subsurface deficits

Architects are usually responsible for subsurface deficiencies because they needed to consider underground conditions before creating their designs. They may have relied on information given to them by a surveyor. In other cases, the architect did his job, but the construction company failed to follow directions and prepare the ground properly. These issues are often only discovered after the project’s completion when the building starts to shift.

Many professionals may be responsible for deficits affecting construction projects during work or after it is completed.