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Boost your accident claim by asking your doctors a few questions

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2024 | Personal Injury

Following a car accident, the immediate focus is rightly on your current health and well-being. However, understanding the nature and extent of accident injuries is crucial for your accident claim.

Open communication between you and your providers promotes clarity and understanding about your injuries and long-term prognosis. Asking your care team questions like these may help to ensure you obtain the full compensation you deserve.

What is the extent and scope of my injuries?

Being clear and specific with your doctor about your symptoms and physical limitations ensures they answer this question as accurately as possible. Request a comprehensive and documented explanation of your injuries for inclusion with your claim. A detailed record like this can help establish the accident’s impact.

Can I expect long-term complications or medical problems?

Inquire about the potential for lasting consequences from the accident. You need this information because permanent limitations or disabilities could impact your earning capacity. In Texas, you may be entitled to lost future wages if your doctors believe your severe injuries will endure.

How long do you estimate my recovery time?

Your anticipated recovery timeline matters in your personal life and your vehicle accident case. Ask your doctor about the expected time for improvement and any potential issues that could delay recovery. Including such information creates a more detailed picture of your losses.

Can I return to work or regular activities?

If your injuries limit your ability to work or perform daily activities, have your doctor meticulously document any restrictions. Doing so may result in more financial compensation than you would otherwise qualify for.

While these questions are a helpful starting point, remember that direct legal guidance can be instrumental in ensuring you receive fair compensation, especially for severe or life-altering injuries.