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A fiduciary duty calls for a duty to act in good faith and with a duty of loyalty. While fiduciaries often have discretionary power over the interests of others, those that owe a fiduciary duty are also expected to act in the best interests of the people whose assets and property have been put in their charge. It is often the case that executors of estates, trustees, and corporate officers owe such a duty.

Breaching fiduciary duty is a serious act. The financial and legal well-being of beneficiaries may be put in jeopardy in such cases. If you believe that someone has failed to act with due care and diligence in the course of dealing with an estate or a financial endeavor, call the Galveston civil litigation lawyers of Beeton Shabot LLC today. Our attorneys are here to help you see that justice is served.

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Examples Of Breach Of Fiduciary Duty

A breach of fiduciary duty can take many forms, such as:

  • Failing to act in the best interest of beneficiaries
  • Refusing to properly record financial activity
  • Stealing the estate’s money or assets
  • Purposefully damaging finances
  • Not responding to the beneficiaries information requests
  • Neglecting to act on behalf of the estate
  • Failing to disclose matters that affect the business to the employer
  • Acting for the benefit of self instead of the business or estate

Moving Forward After A Fiduciary Duty Breach

The fallout from a breach of fiduciary duty can complex. It can result in a will contest or a heated business dispute. Having a trusted experienced litigation lawyer can provide sound legal insight for the business or estate. For help after a breach of fiduciary duty, reach out to the Galveston civil litigation attorneys at Beeton Shabot LLC. We provide our clients with detailed and personalized service.

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